<alt><left arrow> - previous in history
<alt><right arrow> - next in history
<ctrl><enter> - complete address
<ctrl>k - focus url box for typing
<ctrl>l - focus url box for copy
<ctrl><shift><enter> - open in new window
<control><t> - new tab
<control><shift>t - reopen last closed tab
<control>w - close tab


<ctrl>a - jump cursor to start
<ctrl>e - jump cursor to end
<alt>b - jump back one word
<alt>f - jump forward one word
<ctrl>b - delete back one word
<ctrl>f - delete forward one word
<alt><backspace> - delete back to '/'
<alt>t - swap current word with previous
<ctrl>r - reverse history command search
<ctrl>p (while in search) - jump to previous match in search
<ctrl>n (while in search) - jump to next match in search

<ctrl>u - cut backwards to start
<ctrl>k - cut forwards to start

Tmux - Terminal Multiplexer

<ctrl>x - magic key
<prefix>M - edit config in new window
<prefix>r - reload config
<prefix>[ - vi copy mode

c  create window
w  list windows
n  next window
p  previous window
f  find window
,  name window
&  kill window

|  vertical split
_  horizontal split

o  swap panes
q  show pane numbers
x  kill pane
+  break pane into window (e.g. to select text by mouse to copy)
-  restore pane from window
⍽  space - toggle between layouts
<prefix> q (Show pane numbers, when the numbers show up type the key to goto that pane)
<prefix> { (Move the current pane left)
<prefix> } (Move the current pane right)
<prefix> z toggle pane zoom

i3 - Tiling Window Manager

<alt><shift>+ - pop window
<alt><shift>- - push window
<alt>e - move up hierarchy
<alt><shift>e - move down hierarchy
<alt><shift>z - tile horizontally for child windows
<alt><shift> x - tile vertically for child windows
<alt><shift>m - fullscreen
<alt>u - screenshot region

RatPoison - Terminal Tiling Window Manager

<tilde> is magic key
<tilde> then ? - shortcuts
<tilde> then left - focus left 'frame'
<tilde> then right - focus right 'frame'
<tilde> then P - focus right screen
<tilde> then N - focus left screen
<tilde> then n - next window (will cycle windows if stacked)
<tilde> then i - show information about current window and focus
<tilde> then <control>+arrow key - exchange window position